The General Organization of the Shark Conservation Center


Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the concept of oceanic respect on an international level, to ensure that the oceans of our world are treated with respect and protected on a permanent basis.  We plan to accomplish this through education, especially through youth education, as well as research and outreach programs.  It is our hope that our efforts will benefit the natural world for many years to come.


Organization Information

The Shark Conservation Center (SCC) was originally created by Students at Eckerd College, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  This undergraduate program provides Students with service learning hours, higher education, and scuba diving certifications, as well as communication and team-building skills. This program benefits both our community and our Students by providing the opportunity to reflect upon what the Students have learned and taught to both children and adults. 

Some of Earth's most magnificent organisms are threatened by over-fishing, the shark fin industry, pollution, and the general public's own sense of fear. The SCC is one of many "shark-focused" groups contributing to improving sustainability and global health. We aim to provide a lending hand to our community and to our environment.

The Shark Conservation Center can be broken down into three departments.


education department

Our team brings forth the knowledge of awareness. Their commitment is to create lesson plans for all ages regarding basic marine science and conservation. Hosting classroom sessions with interactive learning activities!


Scuba diving team

This team carefully plans scuba diving trips involving the observation or interaction with our ocean's vital keystone predators. All necessary safety precautions will take place to provide a safe and educational dive. 


The Department of Design and Merchandise

Uses talent and creativity to bring the image of Oceanic Respect to life. This team focuses on photography, graphic design, and apparel